Apex Anniversary Pins

Happy Anniversary, Apex! Celebrating one fantastic year filled with new features, birthdays, and joyous moments shared with our incredible community. We're grateful for each customer who has added to the excitement. As we look back with gratitude, we're also thrilled about what lies ahead. Starting in February, we're introducing anniversary collector pins in different colors – a special token of appreciation for our dedicated players. Here's to another year of thrilling adventures in Apex!

Pickup one pin per visit at the Apex information desk.

Pin Details

  • Pin Color and Theme:
    • Red Racing Pin:
      • Color: Bold and fiery red
      • Theme: Dynamic racing design for the speed enthusiast in you
    • Blue Bowling Pin:
      • Color: Cool and calming blue
      • Theme: Playful bowling for the avid bowler
    • Green Golfing Pin:
      • Color: Fresh and lively green
      • Theme: Golfing illustration for the golf enthusiast
    • Purple Gaming Pin:
      • Color: Royal and sophisticated purple
      • Theme: Gaming design for the dedicated gamer in you

    Choose your favorite or mix and match to create your unique collection. Express your passions with your Apex Pin collection

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